The practical guide to
a smooth intermodal experience

Zoning, wiframe, mock-ups,... Discover our best practices to offer a seamless intermodal experience to your MaaS application users.



Offer your users
real 5-star intermodal paths

Designing a MaaS solution that allows you to book a VTC, a train ticket, unlock a scooter, validate your bus ticket from your smartphone... It's great! Except that unifying different services means knowing how to skillfully combine different interfaces and user paths. A real headache that we are going to avoid by sharing with you our complete methodology to optimize the intermodal experience on your MaaS solution.

UX/UI comparison

What are the technical specifics for a railway company? A parking ? A electric scooter service? A VTC? Or public transport?

Wiframe & Zoning

How to best build the skeleton of your MaaS application without forgetting any key step? Is it possible to remove some features?

Final mockups

Concrete work, with the design of 3 complete and different user paths (city dweller, rural dweller & business traveler)

UX & UI tips

What are the three best practices that must be followed for a truly seamless intermodal experience in your MaaS application?