Landscape of
MaaS ecosystem 
(Dec. 2022)

MaaS applications, MaaS technology providers, suppliers of MaaS solutions, ticketing solutions or specialized organizations... Discover this precious tool allowing you to identify and classify the players in the MaaS value chain!



The global mapping of nearly
200 MaaS experts established in 2022

MaaS applications

Whim, Jelbi, Emot, Hely, Moovizy,... Discover the names of more than a hundred MaaS solutions in Europe, Asia, America and Oceania.

MaaS providers

Lyko, Trafi, Movi, Shuttel, Umaji,... Identify all the MaaS solution providers and technology providers, known for deploying MaaS apps.

Ticketing solutions

Masabi, Airweb, Ridango, Atsuké,... Find our selection of solutions commercializing innovative systems of ticketing in the world.


MaaS Observatory, Polis, MaaS Alliance... Discover all the groups dedicated in the research of Mobility as a Service.