How to launch an effective MaaS solution in a territory?

Governance models, MaaS levels, coverage, integration methods, urban planning,... Discover our deep analysis of business and acquisition levers, adopted by ten MaaS applications in Europe and abroad.



Maximize your chances of building
the "Best-in-class" MaaS solution 

Attract enough transport operators to meet the needs of as many potential customers as possible, and vice versa. This is the dream of many MaaS platforms! An ambitious success, even utopian for some. But it is possible, as long as you make the right decisions from the start and invest all your energy in the perfect coordination of your intermodal strategy. And this, on all levels...


The prerequisite for understanding the four different management models and their advantages and disadvantages.


Discover how to federate a large community of committed users, depending on the territory and the integrated transport modes?

Integrations & Levels

Identify best practices to ensure a seamless mobility experience, while ensuring your interests and those of mobility services providers.

Urban development

Beyond digital, what type of multimodal hubs can you implement in your territory and with whom should you partner?