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European tour of MaaS apps

Whim in Helsinki, Bonjour RATP in Paris, Skipr in Belgium,… More and more MaaS applications are emerging at different levels of maturity. Let’s take a closer look at the key market figures and the list of the main MaaS solutions in France and Europe. Enjoy your reading! 😀

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All you need to know about
the "Mobility as a Service" market in Europe


Conducted in 4 European countries with 70,000 people, on their feelings and expectations towards the rise of MaaS applications.

MaaS levels

Learn about the universal classification of a MaaS solution and the different features
that can be integrated.

MaaS in France

A short selection of the most downloaded MaaS applications
in France. Based on both local
and national level.

MaaS in Europe

From Belgium to Spain, via Austria or Switzerland, discover an overview of a dozen MaaS apps deployed in Europe.