The practical guide to route calculation algorithms

Detailed explanations, concrete examples, comparative table,... Discover the advantages and limits of the most used algorithms in the world.



Learn how to choose the right
algorithm for your trip calculator

Between Dijkstra, CSA, Raptor, it is not easy to make a choice. Add to that the concepts of intermodality, the GTFS format, resource optimization... A real headache! To avoid tedious research, we have detailed the functioning of the 4 main route calculation algorithms!


The pioneering algorithm created
to answer a simple question:
The shortest path from a point
x to a point y, in a graph.


The algorithm that can calculate all possible routes between two random points in the London network in just 8 milliseconds.


The Connection Scan Algorithm known to be simpler to understand and implement than its predecessor RAPTOR.

The transfer model

The algorithm used by the web giant Google, considered the fastest with the ability to answer queries in real time.